Our volunteers in CLOJ are our biggest asset every year in bringing the whole project together and making it happen. This year was no different and the CLOJ volunteers really came through. Some people volunteer to fulfil personal convictions of spreading the love of Christ each year at Christmas with those less fortunate. Others volunteer as they really enjoy the challenge that such a large project poses, relishing all the action of hamper packing in the auditorium, and the infamous hamper delivery day.
Here is some feedback from two of the CLOJ volunteers:
- “I prayed with a lady who picked up a hamper late as she'd been in hospital after taking a drug overdose and having her stomach pumped out yesterday.
People just didn't stop saying thank you and showing gratitude”
- “Volunteering for CLOJ this year was amazing for me as I love projects so I was really in my element. The best part about being able to do something you love is knowing you’ve helped people in the process. That makes it all worthwhile!”

We would like to apologise to the public that we are no longer taking referrals for hampers this year.